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Παρασκευή, 11 Σεπτεμβρίου 2015

The One and the Three. Παρουσίαση Βιβλίου

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The One and the Three
Nature, Person and Triadic Monarchy in the Greek and Irish Patristic Tradition
by Chrysostom Koutloumousianos

A fertile study of convergences in early monastic and ascetic thought in Ireland and Byzantine Greece, revealing theological insights into ecclesiology and the nature of the Trinity.

The One and the Three explores parallels between Byzantine and early Irish monastic traditions, finding in both a markedly trinitarian theology founded on God’s contemplation and ascetic experience. Chrysostom Koutloumousianos refutes
modern theological theses that affect ecclesiology, and contrasts current schools of theological thought with patristic theology and anthropology, in order to approach the meaning and reality of unity and otherness within the Triadic Monad and the cosmos. He explores such topics as the connection between nature and person, the esoteric dimension of the Self, the relation and dialectic of impersonal institutions and personal
charisma, and perennial monastic virtues as ways to unity in diversity.

“Fr Chrysostom offers here a rich and penetrating analysis of the ways in which the mysteries of the Trinity and Incarnation intersect with ecclesial life, in its various dimensions, as reflected in writers of both the Byzantine and Celtic traditions. Calling into question the claim that ‘person transcends nature,’ and the authoritarian approach to ecclesiology this has fostered, the author opens up a much more expansive and balanced understanding of the ‘monarchy’ within the Trinity, and, correspondingly,
the relation between person, nature, and communion, with all the implications this has for ecclesial structure and functioning and the spiritual life. This is a work of great learning and profound reflection, which will merits deep study and careful attention.”

John Behr, Dean and Professor of Patristics, St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, New York.

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