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Τετάρτη, 7 Νοεμβρίου 2018

“Always be guided by your heart rather than by your head, and your life will be transformed. Happiness does not consist in living in a palace or enjoying a large fortune; these can be lost. True happiness is something that neither men nor events can take from you. You will find it in Faith, in Hope and in Charity. Try to make those around you happy, and you will be happy yourself.”  Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna

...always calm and serene, she found time and strength sufficing for this never-ending work. She lived in three tiny rooms, white and clean, separated from the hospital by the church, furnished with wicker chairs and adorned only by holy icons, thank-offerings from those who loved and honoured her. She slept on a wooden bed without a mattress, and with a hard pillow; but, tired out after her busy day, she fell asleep at once. Often she had only two or three hours' sleep, and even these were sacrificed to friends who begged her to let them come to her at a late hour. At midnight she rose to attend prayers in her church, and then made the rounds of her hospital. If one of the patients gave cause for anxiety, she sat down at his bed-side and remained there till dawn, trying to soothe him through the weary night hours. With her exquisite intuition of heart and mind she succeeded in finding words of comfort, and the invalids vowed that her presence alone brought relief to their pain; they felt, as it were, a healing emanation, which gave them patience, and even serenity, in the midst of their sufferings, while the timid faced their operations bravely when fortified by her comforting words.


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