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Σάββατο, 7 Μαρτίου 2015

Young Penitent - Idle Tree OFFICIAL VIDEO

Final edit.


I'm worthless, a nervous wreck
I go to work, it's a circus
What's the purpose?
If it's just for a check, I'm a jerk
I guess it's what they call service
On the surface I'm in step
My reputation on the line
So you bet I protect it
I've been doing this for time
So I know what's expected
40 hours is a grind and it can get hectic
So I try to keep my mind in a state of peace
At ease, I keep pace like state police
I grieve because I see so much disparity
And what's more, complete lack of love and charity

Go sell that thou hast and follow me
One thing I know
I was blind, now I see
I believe in Jesus Christ
And this is light to me
I guarantee the end of time will be a sight to see

They say money doesn't grow on trees
But it's made out of know what I mean?
What's the value of a life?
I say it's priceless
And yet I took a knife into this hand that I write with
Please understand if you demand of me a sacrifice
I plan to raise my hands up in the afterlife
Rap-wise I strike a balance in the midst of nonchalance
When I flaunt
It takes talent in the sense of something I shouldn't vaunt


I'm worthless, a nervous wreck
I go to church for the service every chance I get
Inside if I die I can resurrect
Like I never slept
Like I tell death "Catch me if you can.."
Better yet...let me rest in peace
The next step, separation from the flesh
Indeed, you can set me free
I'll be tested
My enemy blessed me
The night I got arrested
My friends fled and left me
I've never been dejected to such a degree
Three nights in the deep, in the belly of the beast


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